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Mike Zeller



Ok I admit it, I have motor oil running through my veins. Ever since I can remember I've had a love affair with vintage cars and motorbikes.

Austin Healey
Whizzer Sportsman

Growing up, my dad took me to midget car races and flying in little puddle jumper airplanes. He also did bookwork for a bodyshop where I'd go with him, see cool cars, watch panel beaters work their magic and get high on paint fumes. That body shop was where I had my first encounter with a '54 Corvette and a Healey 100-4. To this day they are two of my all time favorite cars. 


As a kid I couldn't wait for the new car models to be unveiled in showrooms because that meant I could go buy 1/24 scale friction motor versions at the dealerships, take 'em home and start customizing. But the customizing didn't stop there. My dad let me shave the hood and put custom accessories on his daily driver...a '49 Plymouth. I also put moon discs and  a glass pack muffler on our family church-going Olds 88.


Finally I was able to afford my own car. I sold my Whizzer Sportsman motorbike and bought a '31 Ford Coupe for 75 bucks. I immediately began tearing that car apart to make a hot rod but it never made it beyond sheer fantasy.


So over the past many years I have finally coupled my love affair with cars with two and illustration. Hope you like my stuff.

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